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All the good lash artists know the simple truth that heavy eyelash extensions can really damage a client’s natural eyelashes. If a natural lash has been ripped out too many times, it can never grow back! How can you, then, achieve the effect of greater volume without the risk of losing your natural eyelashes?

A brand new type of eyelash extension has been introduced to solve precisely this problem. Combining advanced polymer technology with the latest moulding techniques, our new CASHMERE LASH® product has completely revolutionised the thinking behind the structure of the traditional eyelash extension.

The design’s improvements include:
A fraction of the weight of normal eyelash extensions.
Retains its curl for twice as long.
Feels much softer than 0.07mm lashes.
Radiant shine.
Comfortable to wear, less irritated feel to eyelids.

It is such a pleasure to work with this new revolutionary product, and your clients will immediately notice the difference.

Feedback from our earliest test clients was resoundingly positive, with one participant saying that the Lash even retained its curl after a trip to the sauna.

By adding the minimum amount of weight to the natural lash, the clients were barely able to notice a difference in how the extended lashes felt, with the product being so easy to care for and soft to the touch that it felt just like their own.

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