What is the difference between Classic Lash Extensions and Russian Volume Lash Extensions

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At Essential Beauty, Washington I often get asked what is the difference between Classic Lashes and Russian Volume Lashes?

What are Classic Lash Extensions.

In simple terms classic lash extensions are a single lash extension applied to a single natural lash, each natural eyelash is isolated before a lash extension is applied. Your Lash technician will work with you to create the look you want, the length and curl of the lash extensions applied will be determined by your own natural lashes. Your lash technician should never apply lash extensions that are too long or heavy for your natural lash as this will cause damage but more about that in another blog.

Classic Lash extensions

What are Russian Volume Lash Extensions.

Russian Volume lashes are mulitple finer lashes which are applied in a fan to a single natural lash. They are picked up and applied so that the base of the fan is like a single lash extension but the ends fan out and create a fuller more fluttery look. Again your lash technician will apply a length and curl of extension that is suitable to your natural lashes so that no damage is caused.

Russian Volume Lashes

The application of Russian Volume lashes takes further training and many many hours of practice to master. Even as an expereinced lash technician I am always learning and still spend alot of money and time furthering my expertise and knowledge.


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