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Our new training and support courses aim to deliver the best training here in the north east. 

Having been a lash technician for over 9 years and having undertaking many training courses including a masters course I am passionate about delivering excellent training ensuring my students become the very best lash technicians they can be. 

Already qualified in eyelash extensions but feel that the training wasnt adequate enough, do you struggle with your application or have difficulties with client retention of lashes then our Skills Building Course is for you. Already feel like your Lash skills are good but want to move on to the next level, learn about lash styling, different application techniques and correction then our Advanced Skills Course is for you.

Ok so your a total beginner and have no idea what any of the above is about then enrol on your Beginners Lash Course. You will learn right from the very beginning covering all aspects of lash extensions, their application, how to create the perfect look for each client, how to build your lash business and how to keep your clients coming back time and again.

Just select the course you are interested in for a more detailed explantion and to book.